Product care

Your VANRYS® bag is crafted from the finest Italian leather.
Your bag is built to last and over time will develop a unique and beautiful patina and fade.

Follow these simple care instructions to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and adventure with your handmade VANRYS® product.

Leather Care: 
- Never dry clean or machine wash your VANRYS® bag.
- For surface dirt, simply wipe clean with a dry cloth.
- For minor scuffs, use VANRYS® recommended care formula for cleaning and conditioning. Apply a small amount to a clean, dry cloth and rub gently into the leather, evenly coating a complete section or panel of the product in order to achieve a uniform result..
- Saddle soap 

Suede Care: 
Brush off any loose dirt with a soft suede brush.
More severe spots can be treated by special leather and suede dry cleaners.

Nubuck Care: 
Nubuck needs to be impregnated regularly for protection against bad weather and small spots with the VANRYS® recommended care formula. For daily care, use a crepe brush for the surface to avoid damage. More severe spots can be treated by special leather and suede dry cleaners. 

Horsehair Care:
Please brush and vacuum the fabric as often as possible, as dust and impurities do have an adverse effect on fabric. Spillage should be wiped with an absorbent cloth immediately. First wipe with a slightly damp cloth and then with a dry cloth. Do not leave liquid on the fabric. It is not advisable to wash the fabric. Dry cleaning is possible by a reputable home furnishing dry cleaner. They should be advised that the fabric contains horsehair and should not be subject to high temperature. We cannot take responsibility for any discolouration or damage during any cleaning process.